1. V.A Collection VI
    Robin Rafa, Artmann, James Cole, Ky William & Jeff Sorkowitz, Pana, U-FO

  2. Feelin' EP + Luca Donzelli remix
    Mihai Popoviciu

  3. Luv EP + Aron Volta remix
    Dj Steaw

  4. A Merman/Lotus EP + SEPP and Youandewan remixes

  5. Call Lab LP

  6. Dazed EP + Artmann remix
    Parsec & Tom Spark

  7. Shifumi/Furbished EP + iO Mulen and Djebali remixes

  8. Caral EP + Josh Baker remix
    Niko Maxen

  9. 5 Years Anniversary
    DJOKO, WLAD, Rossi., Jorge Savoretti, Mancini, Josh Baker, Diego Krause, Alexkid...

  10. Connection
    Acid Kids, Hart & Neenan, Kareem Cali & LaRosa, Cosenza & Mateo Dufour...

  11. Helluva EP + Per Hammar remix

  12. Twenty Five EP + Mihai Popoviciu remix

  13. Spy Games EP + Nolga remix
    Dexter Kane

  14. Collection V
    Riggz, Dirty Culture, Carlos A, Kreutziger, Cajal

  15. V.A HDZ08
    Michael James & Nolga, Rowlanz, Phreaks Of Visions, Alessio Viggiano

  16. Full Squad EP + Rich NxT remix

  17. Static EP + Dj Steaw remix
    Alex Ranerro

  18. Biometric EP + Stephan Bazbaz remix
    Ray Mono

  19. Ride On EP + Mancini remix

  20. With U EP + Niko Maxen remix

  21. Visit Me/Alaina + Fabe and Ray Mono remixes

  22. Dirty Kitchen EP + James Dexter remix
    Lose Endz

  23. RYdM EP + Jake Flory remix

  24. Falling EP + DJOKO remix
    The Willers Brothers

  25. Wax Collection
    Chris Stussy & Toman, Diego Krause, Cab Drivers, Rich NxT, Lee Burton, Nick Beringer, Swoy...

  26. Collection IV
    Philipp Lichtblau, Felipe Cobos, Acanalar, Parsec, Cossway

  27. Collection III
    Alice Clark, Kevin Toro, Alex Ranerro, Shinz

  28. Mirkwood EP + Alessio Viggiano remix
    Moonlit Vision

  29. R2 Not Here EP + Dexter Kane remix
    System T

  30. Back Route EP + The Willers Brothers remix
    Justin Pak

  31. Aviary Stage EP + Josh Baker remix

  32. Collection II
    Ray Mono, S.O.N, Akyra, Alfij

  33. Collection I
    Kerouac & Smile, Juliche Hernandez, Ryan Murray, Jesse Maas


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Vinyl/digital label & parties hosted by Wlad and Mancini.
Based in Paris, France.

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